Food and Beverage

While technology has improved communication channels and opportunities in recent years, there remain gaps within the food supply chain. This can cause many hurdles, including delays in moving products, the increase of bacteria growth, food poisoning, or spoilage.

NavTrac helps to reduce these potentially dangerous issues by improving the communication process within the food supply chain.
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Solutions for food and beverage

API Integrations

Get the most out of your data.  NavTrac’s open API integrates your data fast so you can

Digitize your asset-tracking process

Digitizing asset tracking eliminates the need for pen and paper receiving and scheduling

Contactless driver check-in

Enables you to streamline the receiving process with zero physical contact points

Dock management

Assign deliveries to specific docks with the click of a button

Streamline communications

Improve communications for your team internally and with external stakeholders with two-way SMS texting capabilities and pre-scheduled reporting

Real-time visibility

Know status information on all trucks, containers, and chassis entering or leaving the yard.

Reduce accessorial charges

Track and trace the dwell time of a truck to reduce detention and per diem charges.  Access time-stamped photo documentation to support winning detention and damage disputes.

Boost customer satisfaction

Increased shipment visibility enables you to provide better service to your customers, resulting in renewed and new contract revenue.

Increase resource productivity

Reallocate labor to higher priority tasks as you automate previously analog processes.

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