Indirect Source Rule Compliance & Reporting

In an effort to reduce emissions, the new California Indirect Sourcing Rule, formally designated Rule 2305, requires reporting on all class 2b-8 heavy-duty vehicles and truck trips.

The rule applies to owners and operators of California warehouses with at least 100,000 square feet of warehousing floor space within a single building.
what our customers say

"It automates the yard list so now we know exactly what’s in the yard at all times."

AI from Navtrac

Computer vision algorithms

NavTrac’s AI-Powered Yard and Warehouse system utilizes gate cameras to image the arrival and departure of every vehicle entering the warehouse gate.  Our software algorithms analyze this visual date for real-time inventory reporting and automated Warehouse ISR 2305 compliance.
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ISR benefits

Solutions for warehouses

Automate asset-tracking for ISR 2305 compliance

Digitally record all truck trip information including fuel type and asset class as the truck enters or exits the warehouse

Truck trip log

Built-in functionality for Weighted Annual Truck Trips calculator by period

Real-time visibility

Know status information on all trucks, containers, and chassis entering or leaving the yard.

Increase resource productivity

Reallocate labor to higher priority tasks as you automate previously analog processes.
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